Monday, April 24, 2017

[VIDEO] #Pure24kBrand VLOG: Part 1 • 1st & Official @Pure24KBrand "Pop-Up Shop" @ Club Pure (Houston, Tx)

Introducing @Pure24kBrand Gold Rolling Papers, Cones, & Rolling Trays! Available now via ( • Our first stop to kick off our promotional Pop Up Shops, was last night (April 23rd 2017) which took place in Downtown Houston, Tx at one of the hottest & most popular nightclubs in the city, Club Pure. The event was a success, the city showed up, @DJYoungsamm713 held it down on the 1s & 2s, with various guest in attendance. • As we mentioned, this is the FIRST pop up shop we did, with many more to come! • We'll be invading your city soon, hitting up mom & pops stores, night clubs, smoke shops, hookah lounges, strip clubs, etc.. etc.. • Follow us TODAY on Instagram (@Pure24kBrand). We also have frequent giveaways, PLUS.. you'll be able to stay updated for new product releases, pop up shop locations, also suggest to us which cities to hit up for our pop up run, ALSO.. discounts/deals, & dope video blogs like this one!!

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