Saturday, January 14, 2017

[Press Release] ONG Big Shane Interview w/ "Naughty Down 4 Ever" Magazine

ONG Big Shane sits down with B.Rich Brinson of "Naughty Down 4 Ever" magazine, for an in-depth interview about Shane's highly accomplished 2016 year, along with other topics such as "Growing up in DeRidder, La .. Getting started in the rap game .. & other personal topics as well as self issues with todays music industry & artist". Click the link below to be directed to the magazines' official website & read the full interview! [INTERVIEW] ONG BIG SHANE x NAUGHTY DOWN 4 EVER MAGAZINE (B.Rich Brinson): Expect alot of things from ONG Big Shane during the 2017 year. Beyond the sky is the limit, no telling whats to come or whats about to drop! All the loyal Shane & ONG'z are in for some surprises this year, in the first qtr!! ONG Big Shane is prepping to release his first REAL album, on his birthday (April 7th). As of now, we know the album is titled "CECIL COLLINS", no info availble just yet on who's being featured or even producing on this upcoming project, but Shane has been quiet about alot of his new year moves. So no telling whats up his sleeve!! Just stay tuned & keep rocking with Shane & the whole ONG movement!!