Friday, November 25, 2016

[Video] ONG Big Shane Brings Out His Infant Son During Live House Party Performance In Austin, Tx

During SXSW'16, ONG Big Shane was booked to perform at the SXSocialWalrus outdoor house party. "After arriving at the event, i was second guessing doing it, i didnt see anybody that look like they may like rap music!", says Shane. Although the crowd was one that Shane wasn't use to at the time, he was there..but the DJ wasn't! Therefore ONG Big Shane set up his laptop to the events P.A systems, then he began to play & perform various songs that he thought may interest the crowd.. & HE DID JUST THAT!! Then he ended the show by bringing out his 11mnth old son, who is currently 1yrs old. The crowd went crazy, they didnt want the "2 Shane's" to leave!! Much love to each & every supporter, whether you was here or not. We Will Be Coming To Your City SOON!!!

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