Wednesday, October 12, 2011

#TheBigShaneTheory Pt.1 | GRINDING!! from Houston 2 Louisiana w/NO SLEEP!!

Come ride with me down I-10, while i spread the word & promote my atest #GoodWrittens mixtape in Houston, Texas then back down to the Boot! ...also behind the scenes with A-Dub @ the "Good Green" video shoot feat. Big Shane!! Stay tuned for alot more footage as we spread the word about the #TheBigShaneTheory movement!! This is JUST PART 1!!! Shouts to @SoSuede & Im In Tune TV for the footage!! We working..


MyeaTheGreat said...

I'm all in! Thanks for the link to your page, it was a great way to end my nite after a long day driving and a long nite of classes and studying! You definitely have a new cheerleader in me! ;-) Much love and respect...Muahhhh sweet kisses from a Georgia Peach!

Big Shane said...

Thanks for the love & support, its def. appreciated!! Keep rocking with me & spreading the movement... we're almost at the top!!